March 29, 2021

Schrödinger’s Virus
to exist or not to exist?

According to some people including David Icke and Alex Jones, COVID-19 doesn’t even exist but is a plot by the globalist elite to take away our freedoms….

As I set out on the journey to uncover the truth surrounding various theories and opinions connected with virus or vaccine denial, I found myself drawn into a world far removed from my reality. I generally search the web anonymously by using such search engines as and I am really hoping this is effective because if not, I suspect my search history will have created a very misleading profile!

I also found that it is becoming an increasingly challenging task to find certain anti-vaccine views on the internet. Other than his own website, almost the only material I could access by David Icke, for example, is behind a paywall and my dedication to truth and balance only goes so far! David Icke has to a large extent been ‘Cancelled’ by the efforts of large media companies and governments. I may not agree with him, but I am really uncomfortable with this method of addressing his views. As I have posted before, the Cancel Culture ultimately damages freedom of expression for all.

Alex Jones on the other hand is comparatively easy to access should you wish to. In 2009, Alex Jones made a film called ‘EndGame’ which promotes the idea that there is a plan to establish a New World Order starting with the formation of a world government. Once that is in place they can initiate their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, thus enabling the ‘Elites’ to live forever (I’m not clear on the connection). In Alex Jones’s universe, promoted through his news channel,, the covid-19 pandemic is a creation of these same ‘Elites’ to manifest this plan. One way they will achieve this, he claims, is through ‘engineering the vaccines to cause a very high fatality rate upon exposure to a secondary future infection, in a fatal reaction called a cytokine storm’. In one piece entitled, ‘This Information Could Destroy the COVID Hoax Forever’, he lays out 12 points about vaccination which he feels are definitive reason for refusing a vaccine. Strangely none of them are about global genocide on exposure to a different disease in the future. But they are a collection of half-truths (or less), misunderstanding and completely wrong information.

Much of the misunderstanding promoted by Alex Jones is based on the binary nature of his universe, and the analogue nature of ours. To take his first few points as illustration:

The Covid19 “vaccine”

  1. Does not provide immunity
  2. Does not eliminate the virus
  3. Does not prevent death
  4. Does not guarantee you won’t get it’

And he is CORRECT

In a binary universe, no vaccines provide 100% immunity, no vaccine eliminates the virus, nor completely prevents death, and as it can’t do these things 100% of the time, it stands to reason that it can’t guarantee you won’t catch Covid-19!

However, in our analogue universe, after the administration of over 300 million doses of various vaccines, what we can say with an increasing degree of confidence is that recipients of the vaccine have a high degree of immunity, it does prevent transmission of the virus, reduces a vaccinee’s probability of infection, and crucially, almost (but not quite completely) prevents serious illness and death:

Numbers of deaths decline as numbers vaccinated rise in Israel, the UK and the USA

According to some, Covid-19 is the result of 5G mobile phone signals either by making people sick or by depressing peoples’ immune systems and so making them vulnerable to the virus.

Covid transmissions

It is also CORRECT that there is a direct correlation between the number and location of 5G mobile phone masts and case numbers of Covid-19!

But beware of that word ‘correlation’ because both 5G rollout and Covid-19 infection rates are a function of something else: population density. As John Oliver delightfully points out, US maps of 5G masts and Covid-19 rates also match the distribution of Dominoes Pizza outlets.

Correlation means two or more phenomena have similarities. Though as was the case with smoking and lung cancer, it might indicate a causative link, it very often points to a common causation, but not necessarily that one observed phenomenon causes the other. In this (and many cases) the common causation is simply the population. 5G towers are not the cause of Covid-19.

In so much wrong information, there is actually a germ of truth….

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