December 28, 2020

Waiting for the mud to settle

I have taken an unplanned four-month hiatus from writing my blog. One reason for this is that I wanted to tackle the tricky subject of conspiracy theories, but the closer I looked at the phenomenon, the mistier and less clear my view became. It took a long time for me to remember reading this advice many years ago which seems all the more apposite today:

“It is as if a stream has become muddy…what do you do? Do you jump in it and start helping the stream to become clear? You will make it more muddy. You simply sit on the bank. You wait. There is nothing to be done. Because whatsoever you do will make the stream more muddy. If somebody has passed through a stream and the dead leaves have surfaced and the mud has arisen, just patience is needed. You simply sit on the bank. Watch, indifferently. And as the stream goes on flowing, the dead leaves will be taken away, and the mud will start settling because it cannot hang forever. After a while, suddenly you will become aware – the stream is crystal-clear again.”

(Osho ‘Ancient Music in the Pines’ Chapter #7)

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